FTX’s Nishad Singh Faces Charges: Plea Deal Reportedly Approaching

• FTX’s Nishad Singh reportedly is preparing to reach a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors.
• The CFTC and SEC are reportedly planning to file charges against him as well.
• Singh played a key role in developing software that was used to transfer funds between FTX and Alameda, as well as campaign financing.

FTX Employee Reportedly Approaches Plea Deal

FTX’s former director of engineering, Nishad Singh, is reportedly approaching a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, according to Bloomberg News on Feb 17th. The CFTC and SEC are also said to be filing charges against him as well.

Singh’s Role at FTX

Singh was an integral part of the development process at FTX, having created software which allowed for funds to transfer between FTX and Alameda Research. He has also been involved in various campaign financings during his tenure there.

Previous Developments

Reports from Bloomberg suggest that authorities have been investigating Singh since at least January 5th and that he had discussed a cooperation deal which would lead to a plea deal back on Jan 10th when he was not yet accused of any wrongdoing.

Comparisons To Other Associates

If Singh reaches the plea deal, this will mark him as the third associate from FTX after former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison and co-founder Gary Wang who have already plead guilty in December 2020 while cooperating against Bankman-Fried who awaits his trial for criminal charges brought upon by U.S authorities .


As none of the previously mentioned agencies have publicly confirmed Bloomberg’s statements regarding their investigation into Nishad Singh or the impending charges set to be filed against him, speculation remains until further news breaks out regarding this case in particular or other similar ones involving FTX associates going forward .