Profit Builder: Is it reliable?

Profit Builder: Is it reliable? To this day, questions about the legitimacy of Profit Builder fuel debates among internet users. And when you look at this investment platform, you are immediately struck by the 200% returns it claims to guarantee within 10 hours of trading.

We’ve done a thorough analysis of this investment programme and have noted that there are mixed reviews on the web. On the one hand, some websites and forums believe that the system is unreliable, and on the other hand, we discovered that Profit Builder actually exists.

In our test, we found that the application is secured by certain protocols, but we did not find this application legitimate.

We found very worrying reviews from online users claiming that they lost all their investments using this application.

Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from this application and try a more reputable software such as Bitcoin Trader if you want to trade crypto currency online.

What is Profit Builder?

What is Profit Builder? Apparently developed by and other cryptocurrency experts, Profit Builder is an automated trading platform that claims to be able to multiply your bitcoins. It claims that its customers manage to earn 100 times the value of their deposits without human intervention.

The system is available full time and provides automated payments 10 hours after the transaction. According to Profit Builder, all you need to do is invest between 0.02 and 10 BTC to build a passive income wallet.

According to this system, investors do not need to be real financial professionals. It apparently does everything for them.

How does the Profit Builder system work?

How does the Profit Builder system work?
The way Profit Builder works is quite simple, but mysterious. It does not require any human intervention as is the case with some automated trading robots such as Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin Revolution.

In fact, the investment platform’s system apparently predicts the price of BTC based on crypto trades and blockchain transfers made by the investor. The servers take care of opening and closing trades while supposedly doubling your bitcoins after analysing the difference in transaction prices and fees.

To do this, you need to transfer the tokens to the BTC address provided by the platform. You do not need to provide any banking or personal details. The proof of deposit appears to be a unique transaction ID that is generated after the funds are transferred. As soon as your deposit appears on the trading table, you should expect your double BTC within 10 hours after the end of the trading session.